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Happiness, inspiration, soul, self help, writing
Happiness, inspiration, soul, self help, writing
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5 ways to write yourself happy


Good food, sunlight and time in nature can all be medicine when we need them, most of us know that, but when was the last time you reached for a pen and paper to help make you feel better?


I encourage everyone to write regularly, somewhere private, words that they don’t feel pressured to share with anyone else. When you remove the need to show the finished product you become completely free to open up, let your words flow and really engage with your inner voice. However, after years of schooling, learning to write outside of the rules is an art in itself. Here are five of my top tips for turning writing into Soul Scripting.



1. Make leave lists


Before you go on holiday make a list of everything you need to do or remember when you get back. Write it by hand, on paper and leave it at home. You’ll feel secure in the fact that you can’t forget anything because your list will be waiting for you when you return but the act of writing it will help to unpack it from your head, leaving space and helping you to relax while you’re away.



2. Forgive in secret


Hear me out on this one. If there is someone in work who drives you crazy or a member of your family has really got under your skin then write them a letter, forgiving them for everything. I’m not suggesting that you ever give it to them, or even that you have to actually forgive them but for the sake of this private exercise just imagine what you might say if you did decide to forgive them and try writing that. If you’re just not ready to do this, make it a love letter instead. Ignore your disagreement completely and write about all the things there are to love about this person, or everything you admire, no matter how small.


This is a great way to put positive, loving energy into an otherwise negative situation and it could give you a new perspective.



3. Practice Soul Scripting


This exercise is easy if you don’t think about it, so switch off your brain. Now set a timer. Set it for two minutes at first and write for that two minutes, by hand, as quickly as you are able and without pause. Even if all you write on that page is ‘I don’t know what to write,’ over and over again keep going. As you practice, words will begin to flow. If you do find you are blocking yourself with closed statements and full stops throw in a ‘but’ or a ‘because’ to open it up. For example ‘I don’t know what to write here but…’ now you want to finish that sentence don’t you? If it doesn’t flow though remember, the most important thing is to keep on writing, so write any old word that comes to mind – it doesn’t have to make sense – or go right back to ‘I don’t know…’ and see what flows this time.


Try prompting yourself for different purposes.


‘I am grateful for…’ will lift your mood.

‘This week I…’ could help to galvanise you for action.


You get the idea. There are many descriptions for this type of writing. I call it Soul Scripting because it helps you tap into somewhere deep inside. When we sit and think about what to write and how to write it we use our brain but when we find a way to bypass that, words flow from somewhere else. When you start to set your timer for 10 minutes, or to forget about the timer completely, it can feel hypnotic.


A great time to practice this is right before you meditate because it helps to clear your head.



4. Make burn lists


Take a few minutes to meditate, or just to stop and listen to what’s going on in your head. Notice what you’re fixating on, what’s bothering you, what thoughts are following you around. Some of them might have been there a long time and you may need the previous Soul Scripting exercise to bring them into your conscious mind but others could be right on the surface.


Write them down somewhere that isn’t your journal – on a separate sheet of paper. Be candid. Don’t hold back. Don’t give a second thought to how well it reads or how you might come across if someone ever got hold of it – they’re not going to – just get everything out. When you’re finished, burn the paper. If you can’t do that safely, shred it or tear it into tiny pieces and throw it away. As you do, really focus on releasing everything that was written there.


If you can’t do anything to change a situation there is no point in fixating on it. If you can, then now you’ve released your feelings of fear you are in a better position to plan some positive actions.


Performing this exercise under a full moon makes it even more powerful and cleansing.


Writing Benefits


5. Talk to yourself


This is a great exercise to try if you’re struggling with a dilemma, or if you’re finding Soul Scripting difficult.


Write down a question that you want to ask yourself. Phrase it as though you’re asking someone else and keep the question open. For example, instead of ‘Do I want to take the job?’ you might write ‘What would happen if you took the job?’


Ask the question out loud then write your answer. It’s that simple BUT remember that you’re talking to yourself here. If someone asked you that question in conversation you wouldn’t pause for 10 minutes while you thought of the best way to phrase the answer, you’d speak right away. Even if what you said didn’t sound perfect, you wouldn’t leave them hanging.


Your answer might well start with ‘I don’t know,’ but if a friend had asked you that question you’d probably keep going until you found something better to follow it up with like ‘I don’t know. I mean I’d probably have to move…’ and then you’d reflect on that. Try responding that way but on paper. Write whatever comes to mind.


Forget the rules you learnt in English class. It can be misspelled and messy as hell but try to write at the pace you usually talk. If you dry up before you get a good answer make it a conversation – react to what came up by asking the next logical question. You’ll be amazed where this can take you!




About the author

Gill Torres is a prolific writer, both professionally and personally. A published children’s author and former magazine editor there is barely a style of writing that Gill hasn’t studied or worked with.


Passionate about natural, holistic health and self-empowerment, as well as deeply spiritual and practised in healing techniques, Gill now hosts Soul Scripting workshops. Writing for Wellness and Writing for Success coach people to use a style of writing that can help to harness your inner voice and make it easier to process emotions and manifest the life you want.



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