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cacao, chocolate, dessert, raw food, vegan, recipes, wellness
cacao, chocolate, dessert, raw food, vegan, recipes, wellness
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Cacao Coated Bliss Balls


For the balls –

1 Cup Mixed Nuts (I used cashews, hazelnuts and macadamias)

7 Medjool Dates

1 Tbspn Almond Butter

1 Tbson Cacao Powder

For the filling –

1 tspn Almond Butter for each ball

For the coating –

100g Cacao Paste (this is basically just cacao butter with cacao powder if you can’t get cacao paste)

2 Tbspns RAW Agave Nectar (it is SO hard to find genuine raw agave! I managed to get some in ibiza – you can tell it’s raw if it’s really dark, all the lighter stuff is just processed sugar – if you cant find raw, just substitute for whatever sweetener you like, either date paste, maple syrup, coconut palm syrup, or raw honey if you aren’t vegan)

To make –

Melt the cacao paste over a pan of hot water

Add ball ingredients to the food processor and blend until sticky and crumbly

Press the crumble into round circles and add a tspn of almond butter to the centre – press into balls, making sure to completely coat the butter inside

Put these balls into the freezer for around 10 mins to help them set slightly

Whilst the balls are setting, add the agave to the melted chocolate and stir thoroughly – remove from the pan so it starts to cool and get stickier

Once the balls are set, roll each one in the chocolate so they are completely coated – then put them back in the freezer to set the chocolate

If you have enough melted chocolate left you can repeat the process, you shouldn’t need to do this more than twice to get them covered

Set in the freezer for another 10-15 mins or until hardened and they are done!

Never one to waste raw chocolate, I threw some spare nuts and various dried berries in the melted chocolate bowl, stirred and added to the freezer also to make a kind of chocolate coated berry crisp thing – I highly recommend it! YUM

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