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A new partner, Obonjan island, the epitome of modern entertainment, encompasses all the things we love doing in one place. It;s your personal summer holiday with a festival twist.

A wide range of activities, art instillations, talks, workshops and well being experiences, this Croatian island is pushing the boundaries for what a destination experience is.

Rainbow City is hosting the forest platform this year and is in further talks to expand the collaboration further to host a full section of the island next year, with the vision of even a neighbouring island that would be just a short boat trip away. A healing island, with even the likes of yoga camp for children where you can drop your children for an hour, a day of even longer, which will focus on teaching them about yoga, meditation, nature and nutrition, whilst you immerse yourself in freedom and fun.

A super exciting partnership with infinite possibilities, blossoming more by the day.

Website – www.obonjan-island.com

Facebook – Obonjan


June 15, 2016